Facebook’s official stance on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies has been a topic of debate over the years, but commanding a hefty 2.4 billion users — each move they make towards or against has a significant and cascading effect on the aggregate crypto market.

At first, their position was seemingly made clear when they banned any and all crypto advertisement on the platform — implemented early 2018 as a result of their belief that many blockchain businesses were “not operating in good faith”. This policy was later redefined — lifting the blanket ban and applying some restrictions to specific methods of…

We’ll likely never know the moment Fortune 500 companies started taking blockchain seriously. Yet, we could speculate that one of the most pivotal moments came when the mere announcement of Kodak developing its own cryptocurrency sent its stock soaring 60 percent. Executives responsible for explaining stock price gains and losses on a quarterly basis likely perked up upon that news. Perhaps you were one of them.

Since then, we’ve seen an avalanche of companies eager to cash in on the investor fervor surrounding blockchain technology. …

As we touched upon in our first article of this series, nearly a decade after its introduction, Fortune 500 companies are in a love affair with the potential of blockchain technology. Layer applications are being developed at a blistering rate. Businesses, as a result, are fascinated with scooping up patents wherever they can. And go figure, the most rapacious applicant is none other than the Fortune 500’s #1 company.

Industry: Retail

Why? Tracking

Walmart currently has at least 4 blockchain-related approved or pending patents. Among its goals is to help quickly and accurately clear recalled foods from shelves. The…

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“Adapt or die”

— Over time, this quote has been attributed to many people in different forms, and we have to assume that’s due to its inherent truth.

And here’s another truth: with the advent of peer-to-peer currency networks like Bitcoin, banks and payment networks are in a perilous situation. These networks provide unprecedented access to your own money and the ability to send it to anyone, anywhere, for less than pennies on the dollar. People are starting to question why they would pay upwards of 7 percent for a bank to do the same via remittance payment.

In other…

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Blockchain technology has had a contentious reception since it was introduced in 2008 by the mysterious and pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto in the form of Bitcoin. Since then, the digital cryptocurrency has been maligned and declared “dead” hundreds of times by major news outlets and publications. Even Warren Buffet and Jamie Dimon declared it’s irrelevance.

This hilarious fake Warren Buffet crypto interview makes it’s rounds on reddit after every public comment.

And yet, over the past year, we have witnessed hundreds of Fortune 500 companies scrambling to investigate ways to implement blockchain technology into their business models due to a public…

How do you go from flat broke and zero connections to raising $15 million for blockchain-centric startups?

In the summer of 2013, I was dead broke, reeling from the collapse of a company I co-founded and working a soul-crushing job to make ends meet.

Four years later, in the summer of 2017, I tested a company concept (The Token Agency) and preceded to raise 7 and 8 million dollars through cryptocurrency token sales (aka ICO’s) for two separate clients. …

Rob Behnke

CoFounder @ NouGit // Founder @ Token Agency // Angel Investor // Electronic Musician

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