An open letter to the police officer who helped my autistic son
Alexandra Samuel

“I just need to keep him safe until his dad gets here.”

That’s from an open letter by my wife,, about the police officers who helped her do just that.

As some of this was unfolding, I was running flat out from my office up Burrard Street to get to them. I couldn’t see them, but from behind the big cargo truck that was blocking my view, I could see the flash of blue police lights.

I knew at that point that the police were on the scene. But the lights made it so very real, and raised an unexpected apprehension. I couldn’t help thinking of all the ways this situation could be going sideways.

What I didn’t think of was how it could be going very right – at least, as right as it can go mid-meltdown. I hope you’ll read Alex’s piece, because it’s not just about two skilled, caring police officers (although it’s certainly about that).

It’s also not just about a mother whose love for our son and skill in helping him navigate his own fierce turbulence leave me in awe.

It’s about what can happen when we’re equipped with compassion and knowledge. And when we look at a crisis and ask – not how we can judge each other — but how we can help.