Nearly Every Marketing Podcast Out There

“Welcome to a very special episode of Nearly Every Marketing Podcast Out There. Today we have a guest who will give you some really powerful, valuable content, and we’re lucky to have them.”

“It’s so good to be here. I can’t wait to deliver some valuable content that will give you real value.”

“Let’s get into it. Now, you go into a lot more detail in your ebook/webinar/course My Latest Product. And I understand you’ve done something really generous for our listeners.”

“That’s right. Normally, My Latest Product sells for Arbitrary Price.”

“And well worth it for the amazing value and content!”

“But if your listeners enter the discount code NearlyEveryMarketingPodcastOutThere, then they’ll be able to get all this amazing value content value for just Arbitrary Price That’s 20% Less Than The First Arbitrary Price.”

“Wow! That’s an amazing value! You’re already giving our listeners something valuable, ha ha ha.”

“Ha ha ha.”

“Ha ha ha. Let’s get into the meat of it today and the terrific value content value you’re going to share today. I know many marketers want to know: Very Common Marketing Question?”

“That’s a great question. People ask me Very Common Marketing Question all the time. But you know, what they’re really saying, dramatic pause, is Clever-Sounding But Ultimately Meaningless Manipulation of the Language in Very Common Marketing Question.”

“I’ve never looked at it that way before! Your valuable content has blown my mind! That’s such fantastic value and amazing content and value.”

“Then let me lay down this marketing truth bomb: Inversion of the Sentence Structure of the Ultimately Meaningless Manipulation of the Language in Very Common Marketing Question.”

“Wow! I can just imagine listeners around the world are looking at each other and saying, My. Life. Just. Changed. Value. That’s so amazing.”

“I’m humbled and blessed.”

“I’m afraid that’s all we have time for, but my deepest thanks to Guest Name for giving us so much amazing actionable insightful content value.”

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