How I’ve Made a New Habit Stick for 34 Straight Days
Charlie Gilkey

I’ve started running again recently — 4 weeks ago. I tried it on several occasions before but I couldn’t stick at it. I think where the problem lies at times is the tendency to overcomplicate things. This time I just put my running shoes on and ran a 3.7km circuit. No music, no running apps, no water bottle, nothing except the 3 things I need to wear and going flat out for the entire 3.7km.

Interestingly when I tried the same run the previous times, I couldn’t complete it without slowing to walking pace for part of it, this was with a special app etc. Not this time, I’m running the full circuit and my time is getting progressively better. Perhaps this is down to a different mental attitude but I do think the ability to just get my gear on and go, without pissing about, is playing a large part in it all.