Don’t expect an invitation

I want to change the world. I know that I can. I see the potential for opportunities all around me. I realize this will not be an easy path, and that excites me. Easy is boring. When I consider following in the footsteps of others I nearly think myself into a state of depression. Imagining the idea of living someone else’s life. Some unhappy, unfulfilled, excuse for a life. A life lived within the boundaries we created as a form of self-control. A life based on past events not the potential of the future.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in immediate satisfaction. We expect results now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Now. We all have the power of mind to overcome the expectations of the world and seek something greater. Unfortunately our bosses, co-workers, friends and relatives rarely recognize this truth. Kindly reminding us to accept reality and move on. Settle. But why? Why would we ever settle when there is so much opportunity for something greater in our lives? Why settle when we have the potential to improve the outdated systems we believe we are stuck with?

Countless individuals defy the odds time and time again. They succeed by ignoring all the rules. Forgetting everything the world believes is possible. They recreate reality as they imagine it to be. Restructuring the rules based on their own beliefs. Not because the world agrees with them or gives them permission. These exceptional individuals never leave it up to the world. They realize that the world moves exactly as fast as those who lead it.

I’m not waiting for an invitation.

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