Time: Not on your Side

If you aren’t spending your time working on something great, what are you actually doing?

It is so easy to forget how lucky each of us are to be alive. To be conscious. To be free.

Just as it is difficult to appreciate wealth if you have never been poor. And difficult to appreciate food if you have never been hungry. It becomes difficult to appreciate life if you have never known anything except for life.

Life for humans is simply the time we have here on earth as conscious, living beings. The amount of time we are here is unknown.

Many of us live our lives in a rush. We assume life is long so we convince ourselves that we have plenty of time to achieve all our goals.

Then one day we realize we have no time at all. Time has come and gone and we didn’t do any of those things we said we would. We didn’t work to achieve our goals and we failed to appreciate all the time we had to do so. We failed to maximize each moment with our friends and family. We failed to enjoy the little pleasures because we were always thinking about the next thing. Always watching the clock. When will work be over? When will we get there? When can I go on vacation? By focusing on the future we ignore the present moment.

What we are failing to recognize is that the greatest time of our lives is right now. This moment. It is the only time that is even promised to us. Tomorrow is not. We think that it is, but it is not.

Right now is when you should do that thing you have always wanted to do. While you still can. While you still have time.

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