I answered a question on Quora this morning and really wanted to share it. CSS is tricky. Thus, improvement here is the key to being a great Developer. Most of the time, it seems like simply picking the right selector for the job. As your project scales, organization and style become extremely important for the maintainability of your CSS. This is where the real mastery lies.

I’m going to build a hierarchy of advice based on a few tiers of skill that I’ve perceived over the years:

Basic CSS:

Hello, fellow writers/bloggers/content producers. I must confess that I’ve desired a dedication to blogging about myself and my work for a really long time. I’ve held back from using Medium because, as a programmer, I feel obligated to make my own blog from scratch. And I’m still planning on it. But I don’t want to just make a simple blog that fetches each post from the database and displays it. I want to have systems of comments, likes, shares, etc. I want to store the posts in markdown so that I can also publish them on Github. …

Rob Hameetman

Software Engineer

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