Hello, Medium!

Hello, fellow writers/bloggers/content producers. I must confess that I’ve desired a dedication to blogging about myself and my work for a really long time. I’ve held back from using Medium because, as a programmer, I feel obligated to make my own blog from scratch. And I’m still planning on it. But I don’t want to just make a simple blog that fetches each post from the database and displays it. I want to have systems of comments, likes, shares, etc. I want to store the posts in markdown so that I can also publish them on Github. Somewhere along the way I’ve grown overwhelmed by the idea of such a large project.

Web2Carz.com is a pretty small operation. I’m one of only two Developers here, yet we have four writers on staff. The spirit of writing strongly fills our tiny open-floor-plan office and I’ve accepted the fact that, custom blog or not, it’s time for me to get my feet wet.

I hope to enlighten and inspire as many of you as I can in the days to come. Happy writing!