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So, when I was a kid — 70’s, 80’s — growing up in Northern Virginia — community pools had lifeguards.

“Stranger Things 2” kind of lifeguards. It was a whole lifestyle, actually.

For that heavenly, sunny, period between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the neighborhood pool would be open, and there would be two or three teenagers on duty there doing their best to make it a safe place to be.

They weren’t making a living wage, that’s true, and that’s a real topic to consider in depth, but they also weren’t adults. You could be a lifeguard at … 16? 17? I forget the exact rules. …

Being Extremely Online™️ After Facebook

So I deleted my Facebook account …

… where I used to admin a bunch of groups, message with a lot of friends, and generally throw shade in the comments of political posts aplenty. This isn’t a post about why I left, or why you should — but you also should, if you can.

Facebook was a big part of my life, and now it’s gone, so I’ve got a bit of time on my hands. I’m learning slowly what else to do with myself.

More enlightened and well-adjusted people might tell me to get out on the lake more, run marathons, take up Crossfit, or meditate. …

Flat Jenna came to visit us from Clear Lake, Wisconsin in October, and joined us on our travels up and down the East Coast.

Traveling by mail is quite affordable, but it turns out you can see a lot more when traveling by plane and don’t have to ride in an envelope the whole time.

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They didn’t have to charge Flat Jenna for a seat.

Our first stop was Boston, where Flat Jenna got to ride the subway, “the T” everywhere.

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Sometimes the T is packed, but not today.

Boston is the kind of city where you really don’t need a car because you can take transit and walk everywhere. …

I have things to say about why you should listen to somebody else.

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