What we’re searching for isn’t important, it’s what we’re avoiding

There’s a chance this article could spiral horribly off topic and by the end of it, you may be wondering how anything I’m saying has any relevance whatsoever to the title, but trail of thought and all that bollocks…

My thought is this, maybe we’re all searching for common things because that’s what we’re assumed to desire, or in other words, it’s what somebody else wants us to desire; or maybe not even that; it may be society has ingrained those patterns into us for so long that as man or woman, student or retiree, we must all belong to the same ‘forward’ movement, step outside of it and you’re frowned upon, cast away. Basically, if you really think about it, as a member of the Western World are your ‘searches’ or ‘desires’ any different from your neighbour, or her neighbour, or his neighbour and so on.

It’s difficult to put this idea into a literal sense, or a physical form, but perhaps what we’re searching for isn’t important. We’re all searching for that next promotion, or pay-rise, degree, or even title but what we’re avoiding may be all too potent for us to truly ignore. The only way this is applicable is if you ask yourself the question, what am I avoiding? Maybe i’m talking about the subconscious, I’ve never confessed to be an expert on these topics, but the things we’re avoiding must be protected by something, locked away by our minds lock and key.

How can you truly say you know yourself until you face what you’re avoiding? In many people’s cases it’s the thought of being alone, or not finding true love or even a life without financial security. But what if these things aren’t important, what if by challenging these fears you achieve your true purpose, it’s unlikely we all want the same thing but when you take a second and look from the outside, it really appears that way.

by Rob Henderson

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