10 Mistakes I’ve made this year and the lessons I learned from them.

1. I doubted the power love. Vulnerability is true strength and fear sometimes blind us. If we shut down, we lock the good out too.

2. I got sidetracked to easily. I learned to stay focused on constructive work. If it doesn’t bring peace or fulfillment, it’s a waste. “Free time” is expensive.

3. I assumed some bonds were stronger than they were. True friendship will be tested, believe people when they show you they’re selfish.

4. I didn’t write down a detailed vision. Every level requires a plan, it’s important to make it plain. For me writing it out gives it true life.

5. I didn’t say “I love you” enough. I learned to leave nothing for later. Life’s too short and too tough to be without love. Having it is a personal choice.

6. I “helped” myself into a hole. You can’t want more for people than they want for themselves. The goal is to be a friend, a crutch if necessary, while still being clear about limits.

7. I let comparison cheat me. It doesn’t matter who’s doing what, my journey is my own. Working on me is the only way things work for me.

8. I let fear influence too many decisions. I learned to trust my instincts and intuition, I learned to embrace the beauty in honest mistakes. I’m willing to grow and to change.

9. I negotiated my value too many times. Can’t force people to see or honor it. I’m not here to sell myself, I’m here to be myself. Can’t buy joy.

10. I got impatient with the process. I am learning to pace myself. I thank God for protecting me from some of the things I thought I wanted.