Apple Awesome!

Kneel before the awesome power of my brand spanking new MacBook Pro!

I am still waiting for my old MacBook Pro to back up. Not sure why it’s taking Time Machine multiple days to finish, but what can you do. I set the new puppy up, fully intending to wipe it and restore from the back up, but I just couldn’t wait!

The touch screen is intersting. My function key fears were assuaged by the little fn key on the lower left of the keyboard. Right now as I type this, the touch pad is offering suggested text. Ummm… that’s getting turned off right quick!

The keyboard is totally different than my 2013 model. I’m not sure I like it, but I know I’ll get used to it. The fingerprint scanner is awesome. The only downside to all of these features is that more often than not I use my MacBook in clamshell mode with an external monitor. Maybe some day Apple will release a USB keyboard with the touch pad strip. We’ll see.

For now though, what is my first impression? Laptop Love!

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