Band Practice/Crunch Time

We had a band practice last night. Since it’s down to the last three weekends before the next gig we added an hour to rehearsal. We should have added more.

Boy, were we bad last night. Everyone was tired and hot and a little cranky and some of us were a little sick. We just did not play well at all…

…and that’s probably a good thing.

It’s been two months since the last gig. We took quite a bit of time off afterwards, and we’ve added a ton of new songs. Maybe we’ve been a little over confident. Sucking up the joint last night will probably have the beneficial effect of scaring us straight. The next practice will be much better. Bank on it.

I was trying to push through it and I gave myself a good blister on my left ring finger. That should be fun. I haven’t changed my strings since July 1st. If I pop a blister while playing I’ll probably need a tetanus shot. Totally worth it.

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