Red Sox Post Mortem

It’s over.

David Ortiz has retired.

Damn, that sucks.

The Red Sox should have been able to beat the Indians. They are down their number two and three starters and the Red Sox had one of the best offenses in the league this year.

What happened?

The Red Sox starting pitching blew. They sucked like you’ve heard about. Porcello and Price both. Game three’s starter was Clay Effin’ Buchholz, arguably the most pathetic starting pitcher in Red Sox history. Never before has a pitcher had such fantastic skill and yet sucked so bad. Starting the Clay in game three was akin to a forfeit. When the Sox yanked him in the fourth they brought in Drew Pomeranz, the second most pathetic starter on the team. Game, series, season, and David Ortiz’s career over.

On top of the pathetic starting pitching, the electric Red Sox offense never arrived. The team that scored 100000000000 runs this year just couldn’t hit to save it’s life. Literally, the season is over because they couldn’t hit.

It’s over now. The Bruins season opener is Thursday.

Go Bruins.