Stoner Gigs?

Massachusetts legalized recreational marijuana.

How will that effect me as a musician?

I hadn’t even considered it until earlier tonight when I was listening to a podcast that discussed the differences between playing to a stoned crowd vs playing to a drunk crowd. I have experienced with the drunk side of the equation, but not the stoned side.

If I have my facts right, the referendum in Massachusetts goes into effect on 12/1/16. Our next gig is on 12/30/16, but it’s in New Hampshire. I really want the show that follows that one to be in Mass. I want to see if folks are going to come out to bars equipped with pot brownies or something edible they can use while inside a room with a smoking ban. All bars in MA and NH have smoking bans. Will designated smoking areas outside of bars allow for weed as well as tobacco? Probably not, but maybe.

Drunk crowds tend to get more raucous as the night wears on, so our sets get louder and rock a little harder. They also tend to focus on songs that are maybe not in as good a shape as those we play earlier, because most of the crowd will have left, and those that remain will be tanked. Will we need to do the opposite for stoners? Will our sets need to get mellower as they go on?

I don’t really expect that it will make any difference at all, but who knows. The dynamics of playing in a bar band might be changing slightly due to the country’s changing attitude toward weed.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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