We’re in Hot Water Now

My wife took a shower this morning, no problem.

I shaved, no problem.

I took a shower, the hot water ran out… and never came back. 16 hours later, we still don’t have any hot water. Damn it.

We are trying to get a plumber here tomorrow. It looks like they’ll be able to get here. On the phone they asked me how old is my hot water heater. I laughed. Like I know. They then said they will need the heater’s name, rank, and serial number before they get here so they can know what they are up against.

On an unrelated note, iTunes just failed me. My brother has become a Walking Dead fan. He’s through season 5 via Netflix. I wanted to give him season 6. I bought the season pass so I have everything. I downloaded all 16 episodes, put them on a flash drive, and then tried to open one using someone else’s iTunes account. It wouldn’t play without my password. Damn you digital rights management (or whatever the hell you’re called)! My kid brother needs to see him some Negan! I have failed my family name!

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