Where are the Brexiters on my social media?

24 hours after all the drama and debate it’s been interesting to read arguments on both sides of the camp. Except I haven’t really been able to as I’ve realised either a lot of the friends I keep are predominantly "innies" (unless you’re a covert Brexiter and kept it very well hidden - fair enough).

I can probably count on one hand the amount of open vote leavers I know. I must know more though. I've seen very little support for Brexit on my facebook timeline and none at all on twitter.

Hence why so many of us, including myself, were probably quite shocked about yesterday’s result. Who are these 17mil of "outies"?

Perhaps this says more about how social media shapes our view of the world so much more now. What I'm interested to know, particularly regarding facebook is how much of that is shaped by facebook's algorithms.

I'm not wanting this to sound like a conspiracy theory so I have to tread VERY carefully but doesn't in bring into question yet again how much influence the (social) media has over us? Gone are the days where we can pick up a passive newspaper and choose what we read. We're now programmatically fed news and views based around what we like, share and comment on.

I have no doubt I have facebook friends who are staunch Brexiters but I’ve not seen hardly anything from them. Is this because they’re not vocal or have I simply not been shown their posts?

I think what I'm ultimately saying is, and after seeing lots of graphs about how age, education and "class" has influenced our vote, how much have we considered the importance of the echo-chamber of our social media account on politics?

I'm not saying this is the fault of social networks and that they're controlling us, more that our choices and beliefs are being crafted by computer code through our own behaviour. We're filtering our own world view and we perhaps don't even realise it. This emoji sums it up nicely: 🙉

Is it a good thing, a bad thing, or does it even matter? Sounds like a cracking dissertation/thesis topic if nothing else…

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