Isn’t running just the deluxe version of exploring a city? We think so!

Run while discovering a new city w/ a local.

Are you visiting a new city and do you love running? Wouldn’t a guided city run with a local be a great start of your city trip? Run in great cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, Breda, Paris, New York, Dubai, Toronto or Portland with real locals like Chad, Jay, Lucian, Evan, Miriam, Emma, Julien, Rob, Magali, Jeroen, Joan or Mostafa. And that is just a small grab from locals that have signed up to Sweat With Locals.

This is a live edited blog with stories from visitors and locals that went on a run, through Sweat With Locals, to explore their cities.

March 2015 —
Jeroen ran with Lucian in Berlin

Jeroen was in Berlin to run the elite Berlin Halb Marathon and had a day off before the race to meet with Lucian for a run discovering Berlin a bit better (Kanzleramt, Reichstag, Tiergarten). They both rated the run five stars!

Jeroen (visitor): We ran around Tiergarten. Nice conversations about why we run en what we get out of it. Also human interest talks. inspiring run!
Lucian (local): I would recommend Sweat With Locals to my running friends. We ran through Kanzleramt, Reichstag, Tiergarten.

Have a look at this Google spreadsheet of locals that are inviting visiting runners on a run in their cities. Head over to Sweat With Locals or fill out this Typeform to meet with a local in the cities you are visiting.

Sweat With Locals — because no one can tell you about the best hidden spots in a city, or what shortcuts to get there fastest, like the locals can!

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