Google Fiber Was Doomed From the Start
Susan Crawford

While hi speed is definitely needed where there is none, I’ve always questioned the need for Google fiber. I have 30 MB download speed, and have a hi def tv/my son plays online fps games, and another might be watching something on Netflix. I haven’t heard my son ever complain about lag, or while watching Netflix has she complained about stuttering screen. With that I have to think we are about average in usage, and are fine with what we have. I believe the most popular package is not 30MB, but instead 100MB, thus surely the standard offering is more than adequate for the vast majority of residential users. In fact, I wonder what any residential user would need with much more than what I have, or would how many would truly max out a 100MB download. I think a small fraction may some how need more, but again — Google fiber? What is that 10 times 100MB? thats crazy. It’s like having a Lamborgini, but having no place to open it up past 45 mph — but nevertheless, people LOVE the idea of having such speeds. Once installed though they realize they have it, but will never use such download speeds. Would love to know what is in the pipeline which would warrant Fiber.

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