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THE WILD MYSTERY by Robbie Popejoy

I love fire! Everything about it is just brilliant. The smell, the stingy eyes from the smoke, the way the smoke looks in the air, how the low pressure keeps it lingering around, how the sun permeates through it, it’s destructive nature, it’s cleansing nature. Of course the best place for fire is outdoors.

Growing up in the Forest of Dean I developed an affinity for the great open expanse we r calling the Wild. As a child I enjoyed frolicking thru the woods pretending to be a cave man. I could often b found wearing the skin of a dead fox that my dad had lying around. This is now quite alarming.

Burning stuff, shooting whatever moved, building shelters and climbing trees!

I just loved to be outdoors. It brings out a donnie from the wild thornberrys child in me. The coldness of the air burning my lungs, inspiring in me a closeness to nature I believe we all should experience.

I believe there’s something ancient about it. Talk to any hippy looking new Ager and they would suggest it’s where you feel the earths energy the most. There’s something deep inside all of us that when sat in front of a fire we are mesmerised. It’s ancient and old. We are connected from the dust to the dirt.

I’m suggesting it’s exactly where we come face to face with the great creator God. Reading a Brennan manning book this morning, a quote. “ get out in the wilderness, look up into the sky and come into an experience of the furious love of God”

Simply put, it’s where the wild meets the world.

At home in our warm comfy kitchens we are able to quantify our God. In our blogs, books and songs. It’s become to easy to box in what and who we believe in. We lack imagination in a world that understands and quantifies everything and we’ve lost a bit (or a lot) of the mystery!

But go outdoors into the wild…

That’s where we meet this wild wandering purposeful and furious love. A wild heart of wonder and The eyes are on us! I love the Wild because of the vastness of it all. I like to feel insignificant in a world that tells me I’m an individual and I should take a hold of that and champion it. It’s good to feel connected to something bigger, other than my own Vaporous life.

I like to feel small in the face of the wild.

When ur outside you become aware of the smallness of humanity. Like holding a penny next to the Moon. Sometimes we need that imagery to reconnect and remind us.

The Wild is a mystery. It’s unpredictable. And it’s scary….. and so is God.