**Is this the death knell for property investors…?**

2015 as seen some serious changes to the property investing landscape.

The continued Universal Credit roll out, tax changes that will affect most of us at some point in our career, Generation Rent campaigning to change the rental market and, as of 1 October, the deregulation act has now come into force.

This Act is seen as the biggest change to Landlord and Tenant law for years. Whilst I don’t want to dig into the details of the Act too much in this forum, it seems pretty clear that the pendulum has swung away from landlords once again.

It’s fair to say that this combination of factors is enough to cause even the most established of property investors to reassess their position in the industry…

But here’s the good news.

This presents a huge opportunity for those of us who are contrarian and agile enough to take advantage of what these changes mean for the industry.

The thing is, rapid and large scale change is not new. Whilst we may not be able to predict when, where and what the next change will be — we can be 100% sure that there will be change of some sort just around the corner.

This is exactly why the most important thing for you to do in your property business is to build a machine that can adapt to change, be flexible and, of course, to allow you as the business owner to steer your ship in the right direction.

Whenever you sense change in the air, you should “Zoom Out” of your business to take stock of the wider landscape and assess what the next move is. Having a highly systemised business allows you to do this and not affect daily operations.

Think of it as your own crystal ball.

By “Zooming Out” early, you have now given yourself a highly unfair advantage above your competition. You have given yourself time…

Time to observe, plan and execute whatever changes are necessary for adaptation before others even know the change is coming. Many of your competitors won’t ever see the change because they are running around putting out fires every day, completely head down in the day to day grind of their own businesses.

But all of your hard work in building your machine has paid off — because you have now gained that extra time. You are now able to implement your changes to perfection, ride the wave of change and flourish whilst others struggle and eventually give up.

This ability all starts with building your property machine correctly from day one.

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It would be great to hear how you view the future of property investment?

Originally published at thepropertyeducationgroup.com on October 18, 2015.

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