Hey guys!

Because my last two articles were all about „relationships“ I decided to write one more article about it. This time I will cover the topic Game and Relationship.

Can you do game in a relationship?

Should you do game in a relationship?

The answer to both questions is: „ YES!“ I’ll tell you exactly how to do it, how I handle game and relationship and how you stay motivated.

So lets jump right into it!

I met my girlfriend while I was doing daygame with my friends. I approached her, and two years later we got exclusive.
 I never thought about stop doing game. My game got even better since I’m in a relationship.
 Why don’t I stop you may ask.
 I don’t stop, because I freaking love it! And I grow every single day. For me game isn’t about woman at all! It’s about becoming a man in your prime. I won’t stop growing just because I’m in a relationship. That’s the dumbest and most unattractive thing to do.

Most people use a relationship as an excuse to stop approaching woman. And that’s bullshit.
 You don’t have to take her home. Just approach her, go as far as possible, try new things and enjoy your time.

That’s a pretty nice and easy way to build a big social circle. Just friendzone the girls.
 A relationship isn’t an excuse to stop talking to woman.

Another failure is, that man stop approaching girls for a few weeks and then want to start approaching again but their girlfriend is freaking out or won’t allow it.
 That’s because you didn’t seed it from the beginning. It’s easy to go from an open relationship into an exclusive relationship,but it’s a lot harder to go from an exclusive relationship into an open relationship again.
 That’s how it is with approaching woman, going for threesomes etc.
 You have to frame it right from the beginning.

How to frame it:

Be real. Tell your girlfriend what you do and why you need to do it. This could be to work on your social skills, to get more discipline, because you want to get a job in this direction, whatever the heck it is. If she is really a good girl for you, she will understand it because she knows that you, as a man, want to grow and you want to become the best version of yourself.
 Don’t keep it a secret. If you do stuff behind her back you are not honest. You don’t act like a man and she will find out anyway.
 Tell her that you need to do it now, so that later you can focus on her. Tell her that a relationship is about honesty and trust and make clear that she can completely trust you.

How to stay motivated:

Any of you had the problem that you want to go out, meeting new people but you feel this lack of motivation and this voice in your head which says, that you have a girlfriend and you should stay at home today?
 Me too!
 I solved the problem with writing down my goals and my reasons for doing game.
 WHY do I want to keep doing this?Once you found out about your whys you’ll find a way. Your why will be like a V12 engine.

That’s how I handled game and relationship and how you can handle it as well.
 It’s pretty easy when you frame it the right way and if you are real and honest.
 If your girlfriend don’t want you to grow as a person, she might not be your ideal woman.

That’s it for today guys, I hope you learned something. If so feel free to like this article and share it with your friends.


Originally published at RobSocial.