Write like nobody’s reading.

You write for brands. For target markets. For sales increases.
But when do you write for you?

“graphing notebook” by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

As writers we’re used to hearing;
 It sounds a bit clunky.
 I’m not sure it’s in our tone of voice.
 It’s a little too long.
 Urgh, I hate the word ‘moist’.
And that’s fine.
You’ve been given a task and using your professional skills you’re the one to help find (write) the solution in the most effective way.
You have to accept that whilst you’re the one with the tool for the job, you’re not the only one to confirm it’s been solved.
 It can get frustrating. It can get tedious.
 Especially when you’re into your 5th round of amends.
 Before reverting back to something eerily similar to the first version.

We are used to getting feedback. 
Used to being asked to change a word, cut it in half, make this sound more like that, fit it in a tweet.
But writing’s subjective, and everyone will take something different from whatever you write. 
And that’s where annoyance arises, but also wherein lies the beauty.

Rarely do writers get to be themselves and speak in their own voice.
It’s why I started writing these posts.
Not only as a way to be able to offer my own experiences that I hope would help people who work in similar roles or just life in general.
 But it was also to find a voice.
Every day as writers, we’re hidden behind the scenes.
We’re the noise that comes out of a brand’s mouth whenever it opens.
And that means adopting their voice. 
Sounding like them.
Acting like them.
Trying to become them. 
And whilst that’s a skill in itself — it’s important we don’t lose our voices too.

Let’s not forget why are we writers.
We do this because we enjoy it. Or should do.
Feel lucky that you get paid to do something you enjoy.
And it’s too easy to get bogged down by feedback and opinions.
When it feels good, go for it.
Just as you’d sing like nobody’s listening,
And dance as if no one were watching,
Write like nobody’s reading and do it your way. 
Swear as much as you fucking want.
Make inappropriate jokes.
Stick an extra exclamation mark in there.
Use the word moist, if you must.
That blank page is your playground.
So go have some fucking fun.