4 Important Tips For Growing Your Business In 2015

  1. Know your Strengths… Attention new and existing business owners and those in between. Yes, it is okay to play a little poker here and there but wouldn't it be awesome if you knew that you could go all in on every hand? Well you can and this is how. By auditing who you actually are. Our society here in America has done a really good job at selling us how to fix things we naturally are not. There is a lot of money being made forming us into something we can’t be. Universities have done a great a job at this. Can’t knock them for being a big business and winning.

The bottom line is, you need to bet on your strengths, and don’t give a crap about what you suck at. There are many things I am not good at and for so many years, I would lose sleep over it. Way too many people today are going to check the boxes of things they are not good at and in doing that, they are going to waste a boat load of time and lose. So today, take a few minutes and audit yourself. Find somebody in your group of friends or family that will tell you who you are and once you believe that, go directly all in on those strengths.

If you want to be an anomaly, you have to act like one.

The Ability to Adjust is the entire game

2. Follow the Attention…The single best way to sell, succeed or build your business is to follow the attention. The attention is what matters. Understanding what to say is the single most important thing, but if you don’t know where to say it, it won’t matter.

Where Are Your Customers?

Right now, it’s irrelevant if you have 1 fan, or one million fans on your Facebook page because the organic reach has drastically subsidized down. Four or five years ago that would have been a big deal. What matters is this. Do you understand who your customer is? Do you have the skills to plan? Can you organize which code word, which group, which segmentation you want to reach?

Any business owner that is posting a single piece of content on Facebook, that looks like they posted on their Fan page, is wasting their time. If you post content on your Facebook page and then boost it, you’re wasting your time. Try looking into Facebook unpublished posts. This tool allows you to break down your audience into very specific detail. For example, if you want to target 41 to 47 year old females who watch OWN and like to buy designer “XYZ” clothing brands, no problem. This tool will help you condense your target market. LinkedIn has a similar tool that can be used in the same way. The only downside for small business owners is that LinkedIn ads are expensive.

New Social Media Ad Tools

3. Try these new ad tools… After a year and half of format experiments and basic targeting, Instagram is giving advertisers more powerful tools. Those include “Shop Now”, “Install Now”, and “Sign up” buttons, interest and demographic targeting, and an application programming interface for efficiently managing huge campaigns.This is huge! I believe this will be a game changer. I believe, hands down, that Facebook unpublished posts are winning in the social media ad category but since Instagram is implementing similar consumer targeting tools, certain businesses will benefit greatly.

Twitter has a new and improved ad tool that will make your advertising much easier when creating ads for your target markets.I think it is worth looking into. Also there search engine is great when trying to find your target market.

Pinterest also has a very inexpensive ad tool that you can use. I personally have not used it, but if you are selling merchandise or even if you have a real estate business, this tool can be useful (email me for ideas).

The Older Generation

4.) Adjust and Take Action…The older folk (65 and over) are sending text messages like everyone else now. I see it all the time. Grandpa has to get text messages from his 14 year old granddaughter. Grandpa realizes that texting isn't so bad so he starts texting his buddy Al down the street. People, we are aging down. I know my mom loves to hear that.

We are living in the single biggest culture shift since the printing press. The internet is the Wild West! This is the new industrial revolution and today instead of steal, time is the most valuable commodity. Take for instance Uber. They are not in the transportation business. They are in “saving time” business. You can press a button on your phone and a vehicle is in your area ready to pick you up. Another example is television. I know I fast forward through all the commercials and watch shows on my time. Don’t you? Don’t you hate ads that pops up when are looking up a video on YouTube? Why? Because it is wasting your time.

The tools are in place, but does everyone know how to use them? You know that the fastest growing demographic on Instagram are 40 to 50 year old females? There are several business owners that debated if they should have used Instagram to promote their business a year ago. They thought they were advertising to kids so they chose not to. Facebook’s demographic was once just kids. Twitter was once just tech kids. These platforms all start with kids and eventually age up. That is what happens and that is what will continue to happen every time.

The bottom line is, if you are a business owner in 2015, please, pay attention. This INTERNET thing, is not going away. This INTERNET thing is now 100% full scale. Use it! Adjust to the changes that are happening on the internet and use it, but be smart about it.

Grant Cardone