First Article

I grabbed the Medium App for IOS to see if I could write an article. You need the App because there’s no way to use the Medium website on an IPad for writing.

Experimenting with the buttons. I believe the Tt is for the title. Looks like the quotes create this font.

Ok, moving on I see bullets and three dots. Lets see what the three dots does.

Not sure. Just line breaker. Ok @ must be for email address. Wondering how to show/highlight sample source code. I’ll have to research that. Might have to grab my MacBook. I’ll add a photo. Button lower right. Photo of granddaughter. That cool. But how to size? Can’t see that.

I think for basic posts this iPad App should be ok. Probably need my computer for more advanced posts.

Ok, now on my Macbook. I was able to size the image and create links.

Working on some articles

Looks like I can also add videos. That’s cool. I believe I can write some interesting posts here.

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