PEP270 — Audiences: Individual Portfolio

Initial Set Up

As the group, we came up with a name 100 Voices because we aimed to use exactly 100 voices. We also needed a strong brand name to get audience attention and we all felt this name did the trick.

Jerin michel
100 Voices Social Media Account


I was a key part in identifying a variety of the existing platforms from examples such as , Humans of New of York to the New Europeans and Where Love is Legal. we analysed these sites and their social media output to understand the approaches we needed to take for our platform. The site which resonated with us the most was The New Europeans and their website was a prevalent source of inspiration throughout the whole process for our group. We continued to refer back the this site, to understand the pro’s and con’s involved in creating such a website. We decided as the group that we liked the layout as it also handled a high volume of content and therefore we decided to follow this format for ourselves.

Establishing Video Style — Team

During the project we followed key guidelines which we set out as our idea was very video intensive. This helped us adhere to an order of work to follow and remain consistent within our identified house style. This path was decided through discussion and negotiation within the group.

Brand Colour Chart Sourced

Making & Refining Questions — Jerin, Jacob, Evan, Rob

For the first few weeks, until we completed the Recce shoot and faced the final shoot, the questions were ever changing. We tested out people to develop our questions and narrow them down. For example, we also typed out our initial question ideas, which we then tested tested out on each other, our peers and lecturers.

Content Creation (Filming)

in the creative the content we need grab some esstionla equipment for the like booking out the equipment for camera and mic ect. which Jerin and Jacob and also source the background for our shoot. which location keep on changing we need have easily in a car along side other equipment.

During the Shoot

With filming and audio that was down to task Jerin and Jacob for the interview and Evan was in control of the taken the photograph which is crutal for the website which I going to talk about later. I was a for each section assistant who ever need me. I main job to get people talk about the emotive front of camera it was every difficult.

Content Creation (Editing)

Editing video -Jacob, Rob, Jerin

Editing was a massive task to do so we cut down had cut 43 people interviewed and collated 215 clips of their individual answers. All the clips had to be individually colour corrected and have their audio tweaked to remove background noise, hums and other artifacts.

before and after editing audio (Right image finish) (left is before editing audio)

Teaser Videos — Jerin, Rob

We created a video in order in order to build the Audience on various platforms. the teaser is come combine short answers in the various answers of different people. text, short answers and music in order to create a short video of what a user can expect from the end product.

Social Media

The Social Media was run primarily by myself, Rob, Jacob and Evan.

Facebook video Rob, Jerin

As the group we felt that video wasn’t working as well as on Instagram’s as we apective. we found that video have more reach on Facebook so we made a decision on We felt that videos preformed best on Facebook and photos preformed best on Instagram.


Layout & General Design — Team

At the being we came up a lot idea with web design from these website. we want a website could be easy to native around and spend the most time on the site. Alex confidence us to created the website site adobe muse because it will surport the how much content what we need.

This was design which
(On the left the top of the page ) (on the right is bottom of the pages)
One Final editing of design of the website.

Organising & Plaining

We plan a shoot on the Wednesday or the upcoming Friday so Alex got contact at the compass at the university. we was keeping on asking he have we got the room not yet. so I when up to compass desk ask the member of staff could get room 6 for filming. I the person i ask she haven’t got email or hear any thing about Alex booking room.


1st of February — Whole Team — Initial Ideas



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