How To Win At Craps? A Simple Strategy That Actually Works

4 min readDec 23, 2017


Craps is a great table game with a low house edge, and plenty of strategic depth.

As such, it’s fun to play, and rewarding to win at.

Especially if you’re playing in a smart, tactical, manner.

In this article, I’ll show you one of my all-time favorite betting strategies, known as the Regression Bet.

It’s a relatively safe, easy play. And one that offers up nice, short term profits.


Enter: The Regression Bet

This is a very simple wager, with a high probability of winning.

Done right, you’ll turn a nice short-term profit. At which point it’s time to cash out and enjoy your winnings

Here’s how it works.

With the regression bet you place $6 on the six and the eight point.

Then roll.

If the dice total either a six or an eight, collect your winnings but do not remove your entire initial wager from the table.

Instead, merely take off one chip from the winning pile.

So, if the dice hit your six point, lower your bet from $6 to $5.

Then roll again.

If none of your points are hit, let the wager ride.

If one of your points gets hit again, collect your profits and reduce that point’s wager by one chip.

If you hit a seven and lose, start all over with another set of $6 wagers.

Then play until you’ve hit your win / loss limit.

Sounds easy, right?

Well, let’s see how this strategy actually performs.

I recently logged onto Intertops and began playing (for fun) at their online Craps table.

On my starting bet, I placed $6 and $6 on the six and eight.

Then I started rolling.

Opening Set Up

Only using the regression strategy, I was able to boost my bankroll by $20 in under 30 minutes.

Some rolls won, others lost, but there was a pretty consistent amount of growth.

This might not sound shockingly impressive, but it’s a nice little profit.

Enough to warrant cashing out at most casinos.

I’ve used this bet many time before, and it always seems to work well in the short term.

As long as you know when to quit, Regression Bets are a pretty effective strategy.

Recommended Books On Craps

Since Craps can be such an intimidating game, I recommend studying the game before playing for money.

Learning the odds, rules, and best strategies will help you immensely.

Because of this, I suggest reading at least one of the following books:

This is a great title for beginners.

In it, you’ll learn how to tell good bets from bad ones, basic strategies to increase your winnings, and how to avoid common pitfalls that affect the majority of players.

It’s a good introductory book, giving you a nice overview of the game and how to play it well.

A great guide to turning short-term profits.

Craps: Take the Money and Run reveals several in-depth strategies for (temporarily) beating the house.

Using this advice, you’re able to turn a profit and maximize all your advantages against the casino. Highly recommended for players of every skill level.

Another good book on maximizing your advantages.

In The Dice Doctor, you’ll learn how to stretch your bankroll and survive lengthy strings of bad luck. Only to turn it around and capitalize off the next “hot roller.”

You’ll discover 21 top-tier strategies for winning, plus key tactics for managing your money and sniffing out beneficial opportunities.

An interesting, fun read that’s helped many players improve their game.


Craps is a fun table game, and one that’s surprisingly easy to win at.

Learning the rules, and understanding some basic strategies (like the Regression Bet) cuts down the house edge considerably.

The next time you’re at the casino (or playing online), give this game a try.

It’s fun, winnable (short term at least), and offers a nice balance between strategy and luck.

P.S. Looking for more gaming tips? Check out my main site, Tactical Video Poker for all the latest gambling strategies.




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