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All those things you are talking about are the exact same kinds of things that every single oppressed people have faced since the dawn of man.

I’m of Irish descent. Many of my ancestors were starved to death by the British ruling class. Our land was taken, our freedom was nonexistent. We were serfs….. that’s slaves attached to the land they were born on transferred with the land to anyone that owns it.

Your premise that the white man keeps you from rising is false. What keeps any of us from rising is the structure of authority that oppresses to maintain power.

Unless and until the oppressed classes of every race stop being led around by the nose into thinking that our enemies can be defined as simply as the color of their skin there will be no justice or peace.

Many roles in many authoritarian regimes are filled by men and women that are non white.

If you need a reminder try looking to see what despot of the month is running the congo….. it’s not a white man.

I’m not saying nothing is going on but racism in all its forms is another tool used to oppress. The insidious thing is that we do it to ourselves.

You can call me an enemy if you like but that just makes both of our forces weaker and keeps you looking in the direction our common enemy wants you to.

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