Robb Auber — Executive Vice President of Call Center Operations in Teleiman

In the world of fierce competition where customers expect the best customer services and businesses like to inflate their bags with more revenue, the role and utility of a call center is increased by manifolds.

There, both buyers and sellers get the best solutions that match their specific buying and selling needs respectively. Customers get satisfactory answers to their queries and sellers (businesses) solve all problems of their their customers through a third party that knows how queries are resolved in an amicable way.

When it comes to making a real difference to all call center operations and overcome the expectations of the buyer and sellers, Robb Auber telemarketing solutions catch all eyes. Robb Auber is a goal-focused and results-oriented Executive Vice President of Call Center Operations. He has wide and comprehensive experience 20+ years in the following:

  • Structuring high-performing call center management and staff,
  • BPO models,
  • Streamlining processes,
  • Implementing supporting technology.

In order to reduce expenditures, boost productivity, and increase profits, call center specialist Auber prefers a two-way communication strategy that clears all doubts and let both parties come to an agreement that is accepted in a friendly manner.

For Robb Auber, rapid and intelligent customer engagement has been the most important aspect of almost all call centers. It ensures that all processes will be completed in the least amount of time and it will also help both customers and businesses solve their individual purposes.

Pedro Venegas, a call center professional who has already worked with Robb at Atlantic Coast Media Group, expresses “Robb truly understands the call center business like the back of his hand, I had the opportunity to work for him and see for myself the passion, drive, leadership, and experience he set forth to increase profits and efficiency at the acmg call center.

I remember when Robb began outlining his vision for the department and I thought why haven’t we done this before!”

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