What Teleiman LLC Team has for Teleiman’s global clients?

Teleiman LLC is a leading telemarketing company in Ohio and it helps its clientele avail satisfactory telemarketing solutions in the world of cut-throat competition. In the business world, all marketing activities are done in order to make clients feel happy and satisfied, and offer them better solutions. In the contact center industry, Teleiman LLC is a stellar name that makes things happen for its numerous clients under the leadership of its CEO Robb Auber, who prefers intelligent telemarketing strategies, top people, best-practice training and quality processes to overcome all expectations. At Teleiman, it is made possible only with a team that carries a combined 60 years of strong multinational, cross-functional, domain, and subject matter expertise.

The Teleiman team consists of some highly experienced and professional names, including Carol Eran, director of quality and training; Via Nicolas, SVP of operations, and Van Del Mundo, director of information and technology. This Teleiman team gets inspiration and guidance from an experienced and professional call center specialist who is analytical, goal-focused, and results-oriented. It is non other than Robb, who owns more than 15 years of experience in the following:

Structuring high-performing call centers.
Developing BPO models.
Streamlining processes.
Implementing supporting technologies.

The call center team knows the art and pattern of deducting expenditures, boosting overall productivity, and increasing the volume of profit successfully. Moreover, Robb has some inherent business skills that help him develop a flair for adapting quickly to dynamic business environments or processes. Interestingly, he likes to adopt a pragmatic approach in order to render timely telemarketing solutions that contribute in resolving complex business issues.

That is why globally-renowned brands — Chase, CBRE, Citi, Capital One, GE, DISCOVER Networks, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Verizon, Safeway, American Express, Ford, and Time Warner–like to work with Robb and Teleiman when it comes to getting results from a collective team effort.

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