Freedom is the currency of information

I don’t think you should respect what I think, because I don’t respect what I think.

One of the most universal characteristics of human thought is that it is irrational. The brain of homo sapiens is not wired to process the modern flow of information. We process more information on a day then we used to in a lifetime. We get stressed out, hyper-sensitive, depressed and autistic individuals. We use cognitive biases to handle the information overflow. Our perceptual distortion often leads to faulty interpretation and inaccurate judgement. We live in a subjective social reality. We should not take ourselves to seriously. Information is our blessing and our curse, it’s our brains kryptonite.

It’s not the load that breaks us down, it’s the way we carry it.

We can’t change the load, the information is all out there, wether we look at it, or not. We can look away. That’s the easy way out. Ignorance is bliss. Knowledge is power. Wisdom is virtue. When there is so much to look at, why would anyone look away?

Maybe true wisdom can only be seen when your eyes are closed. When was the last time you closed your eyes? I mean, really close your eyes and do nothing, not even thinking. Time moves forward and we have this cultural notion that whomever does nothing, stands still and moves backwards inside the inertia of time. Maybe that’s not the truth. I don’t know the truth.

Maybe nobody does.

“Maybe doing nothing can boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure and literally grow the grey matter in areas of your brain related to self-awareness and compassion and shrink the grey matter in the areas associated with stress. There is a default mode of the brain that is active during most of our waking hours when we’re doing that thing that human beings do all the time which is obsessing about ourselves thinking about the past and the future. Doing anything but being focused on what’s happening right now. When you, regularly, do nothing you turn off the default mode of your brain not only then, but all the time. In other words, you set a new default mode for your brain. You are focused on what’s happening right now. Sportsmen or artists call it being in the zone. It’s nothing mystical. It’s not magical. You’re not floating of into cosmic ooze. It’s more just being focused on what you’re doing.

This is going to join the health pantheon of exercise, brushing your teeth and taking the meds that your doctor prescribes to you. The science is strongly suggestive that all these things are really good for you.

Inspired by Dan Harris — Hack your brain

Of course it won’t be called doing nothing, it’ll be called meditation, reclaiming your most precious possession: your own attention, your own thinking.

Our thinking is more irrational than not and not thinking is beneficial to our health. In the occasion our thinking is rational, it’s often based on little information. I’d like to think i’m less biased than other people, but then again, that’s blind spot bias. My thoughts are no exception. I used to think I was wise.

The wise man is but wise through the eyes of a fool.

Freedom is the ability to choose. When one does not know what all the options to choose from are, it’s choice and therefore it’s freedom, are compromised. The absence of information is paid for with freedom. Freedom is the currency of information.

Learning is fighting for freedom.


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