What 1.3 Million Engagements Say About the Snub Competition

When the gloves come off — they are off

Robbie Mukai
Feb 5 · 4 min read
Public domain Via The White House

“When they go low, we kick them.”

That was the headline about an eon ago (2018) when former Attorney General, Eric Holder, laid out in exact terms what democratic feelings that nobody would speak out loud.

We can directly attribute the causes of which to the Obama years —where we were practically forced to have dinner with our annoying sibling; meanwhile, our parents begging us to please not start any shit.

We all know that worked to negative effect. In fact, people straight up rebelled when they elected Trump. But now the pendulum has swung in the other direction, and people seem to be loving it.

In case you haven’t heard, at our most recent national sit down, Speaker Pelosi fell for a pretty childish snub when Trump refused to do the ceremonial handshake. I can imagine her sitting there through the entire speech just seething over it because when the speech was over, she actually tore up his speech.


Of course, we can go around with back and forth over who had better snub. But what better way to breakdown who had the better snub by seeing what the internet had to say.

Fox and others

You can see the numbers for yourself, but as a reference, 64k shares over Facebook is not a lot. In fact, most of you article horse-trading in the conservative world is going to be via Facebook.

So to be fair, I thought it might be interesting to turn to where the real conservative hardcore spends their time. This changes all the time because there is so much money to be made for conservative news that closely borders on the tabloid talk.

I expected a change, but that didn’t happen at all.

To to be clear the sentiment analysis from Facebook was clearly leaning to the pissed offside. 50 percent and 71 percent respectively.

But what’s really surprising about all this is the low degree to which it was shared. I mean a dis on the scale of tear up Trump's speech — you'd think that it would cause a massive social media throwdown.

Now to be fair, the Western Journal did pull in about 235k, and that is pretty conservative. Still, let’s look at what happened on the other side.

Left-leaning Media

Bun Fox is aperient considered slightly on the right according to this research project. NBC correspondingly aims left, so I went with that.

Research By Allsides

And if NBC is any fair indicator, then people are apparently loving her sassiness. 65 percent loved it on Facebook and 22 percent were ROFL.

But before I let my age show too much, let me just say that this has been a long time coming. Because while Trump has been cleaning up on scandal after scandal — that would have ended any political career before his, I feel that people in the middle and left are starting to feel like Trump has carved out special rules. Not as a President, just special rules for Trump specifically.

To be clear, it seems hard that any other president would get away with what he has. But then again, the gloves have only just come off.

Robbie Mukai

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Social media manager: likes talking nerdy about building effective ad copy + business thought + social marketing strategy.

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