New data sources help businesses discover opportunities

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The U.S. is officially in a recession. Compared to 2008, it has already verifiably worse when it comes to the unemployment numbers. But unlike then, not all areas are affected by the slowdown.

The travel industry and related tourism have seen the steepest declines. April alone saw a 73.3 percent reduction in flight reduction compared to the same time in 2019. But large companies with huge data are seeing that impact and trying to ease some of the uncertainty.

In a recent statement, KAYAK CEO, Steve Hafner said that his company would now post-travel bookings. The data will be available…

Bloggers finally receive notice of changes before it happens

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When Google rolls out an algorithm update, it usually comes as an unwelcome surprise. But This time has surprised most in a couple of ways.

First, instead of catching site admins off guard. none of these announced changes will take effect until 2021. Site owners have been asking this since past updates rushed developers.

The second surprise is more welcomed news for users. Google has decided that it is going to weigh loading speed the highest factor. Compared to past iterations,

These changes became inevitable due to the wide reliance on the plugins. …

Positioning your future is about skills and…

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People are naturally motivated to find the most return for the least amount of effort. That doesn’t mean lazy — as people around you might judge. It’s instead a highly logical path for efficient return. That was the way for our survival, and it will continue to be so in the future.

With technology and automation, however, the future is unfolding drastically different than it did in the past, and the fact remains: average is over. It means that if we are going to avoid life at the bottom, we need to see the paradigm shift and embrace change.

Average is over


Explains modern body dissatisfaction — which is easily fixed.

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In the United States, people have one of the worst reflections of self-image almost anywhere else. 80 percent of women, 34 percent of men have a low opinion of their bodies. That’s an incredibly high cost of dissatisfaction that we all have to live with — especially since it isn’t even normal.

This is surprisingly only a new phenomenon. If you look back at just a couple of generations before, you would see a drastically different view on body satisfaction. …

Data is showing new possibilities…

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On many levels, this pandemic will be remembered as a “before time” and the “after time.” That’s the way that I am thinking about it anyway. That conclusion didn’t come to me until after I uncovered some data from social media activity. It’s showing that before this virus, and before lockdown, making a story go viral form a story post on Medium was unbelievably difficult to do.

That’s at least relatively compared to what was possible just one year ago.

It’s also based on the amount of traffic it pulls every month. Because as a whole,'s unique monthly visitor…

Core update now live. Revised tips in ranking content high

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From time to time, Google will drop a major change in the words search into algorithms. That’s usually met with some trepidation from content creators of all stripes. This time is no different.

The last core update was released just recently in January 2020. What caused such a quick update is unknown but one clue may be from a recent Twitter post.

The Legacy Brands That Are Over, and you have…

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We’re starting to get hints of a wave of store closures and bankrupts. Weighed down by debt, J Crew was the latest to succumb. Sears also, an institution since 1893, has been on life support for over a decade now. It’s been shutting hundreds of its locations and has been rumored to on the verge of total collapse. Of course, we can’t talk about those other two without at least mentioning the Neman Marcus bankruptcy declaration.

People in the fashion industry have to know the troubles facing these companies was an erosion in their demographics, and a failing — for…

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Compared to the last recession, this one is unfolding quite orderly.

We can, of course, say that because for some, this doesn’t even feel like a total recession. Because unless you are one of the few that invests in oil as a commodity, then you have probably only seen your retirement fund drop and recover in a sideways fashion.

If you are like some, then all this volatility is the strongest buy signal. …

Showing brands creative ways to navigate an unusual…

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Fortunes of business change so drastically. At least that is was Snap CEO Evan Spiegel must be thinking. Just about a year ago, the sages of business were casting him as a disorganized, inexperienced, 20-something, billionaire. Ineffective in his communication, and lacking in his leadership. Totally Irrelevant, and unable to compete with Facebook on any serious level.

Well, all that has changed.

Yesterday, Snapchat released its quarterly financials. For the first part of 2020, the company showed a 44 percent growth in revenue compared to the year prior. That’s really thanks in large part for their laser focus on demographics…

Some people will get their refund easily while others…

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Companies around the country are being forced to make certain assumptions about how a lingering virus will play out in the long term. For the auto insurance industry, the solution is becoming more obvious. Return premiums. After all, if people aren't driving, then what is there to insure?

Of course, they carry the risk of a tree falling onto a parked car, but for a risk assessment company, the risk of people canceling their insurance on mass is far greater a risk, then to cover an errant branch. That’s their short term risk.

Not every company is taking the same…

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