New website all up in your face

After months of procrastination and too much YouTube, I’ve finally removed the password protection on my modest new website.

It really is nothing special.

And nor does it need to be. There’s a school of thought now which may very well be right that the majority of us don’t need a website. There’s a good chance that;

a) very few will derive value from it


b) you’re far better off pushing your content on the platforms they’re already spending time on (like this one).

Nevertheless, given my semi-recent jump into the world of freelance and the networking, meetings and different kind of work that comes with that, it felt right to claim a little corner of the internet.

That’s correct, I’m a freelance social strategist by day. Need one of those? SAY HELLO HERE

Will I be writing much there?

That was the plan to start with. But now I think not. What with the stuff Matt Horrocks and I have in the works on A Different Tribe, plus the fact I’d have to spend way too much time trying to get people onto the site when Medium is so sick, I think I’ll just stick to here.

Where can you visit this new website?

I know you probably don’t want to, but it would make me feel awesome.

Thanks for reading!