How Goldie Hawn’s Advice Kept Me Confident and Sane

When going through a hard time, the first thing I do is peruse through the internet in search of some inspiration. I am young and have a lot to learn and I value the knowledge of older individuals and their stories about how they overcame life obstacles. I especially value the knowledge when it comes from people that I look up to. One of these individuals is Goldie Hawn.
Aside from being hilarious and incredibly talented, her mindset on life has left me deeply in awe by her attitude and the way in which she approaches life.

I came upon her wisdom when I was looking at tips on how I could manage my stress and anxiety levels. In doing so, I found multiple interviews where she discussed the power of the mind and body and how it affects your mood. While she didn’t necessarily give me any coping mechanisms for dealing with these issues she made me realize the power of the mind.
For instance, she taught me the importance of individualism. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, she discussed the role of marriage in society. If you don’t know she has been with Actor Kurt Russell for more than thirty years and still has not been married. Anyway, she said,

“If that person completes you then you’re in trouble because no one can complete you but you.”

Now, as obvious as this may seem it was a wake-up call to me. All I have ever heard was people should look for their other half which to me makes me think that I am missing something when in fact I am not. Now, although this does not apply to me in the sense that I have never been married, it applied to me in the way that I view relationships in general. Because of this life lesson, I became more confident being single and more confident in being my true self because I don’t need to try to impress anyone because the only person I need to worry about is myself.
Also, in teaching me the power of the mind, I was able to tidy my negative thoughts and look at the positive outlook of the situations that I was faced with. And as a result instead of digging the negative thought hole deeper, I started to fill it up by looking on the brighter side. This allowed me to be more self-aware of my surroundings and be more in tune with my mind and body.
Her outlook and the way she described the power that people have inside them has left me with a sense of clarity. Not only do I admire her for her many talents but I admire her for her positive outlook on life and promoting the power of self- awareness, and self- care.