How I Learned to Love Reading

As a writer, I am a firm believer that reading is a key component in order to be a good writer. I have loved to write ever since I was young, however, I cannot say the same to be true about reading.
I hated reading. I remember when I was a kid being forced to sit down and read for a school assignment and wanting to cry. I dreaded it.
Even throughout my teenage years I still hated it. Now, there were times where I would read briefly for pleasure but then I would soon lose interest. 
For example, I started reading A Series of Unfortunate Events and I actually got pretty far into those books but stopped at about book ten. While that may seem understandable seeing that thirteen books in a series is a lot, but that’s no excuse. I still gave up and didn’t follow through. And let me get this off of my chest by saying that I have yet to read the Harry Potter books.


I did read the first one last Summer and am now trying my best to get through the second one, (not because I don’t like it, but because I don’t have the time). I will finish the series one day though, I promise!
I also remember back in middle school I started The Hunger Games (just the first book) and I was so close to finishing it, I had maybe 50 pages left, but I stopped because the movie came out and I just told myself that I will go see that instead.
Anyway, it wasn’t until Sophmore year of high school that I truly found a passion for reading. It all began when I started reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and I fell in love. I finally realized what everyone loved so much about reading.
Now I know you are all probably thinking that that can’t be true. I can’t just magically pick up a book and love reading. Especially a book of that length. But it’s true.
I finished all of the books in that series and I was truly heartbroken when it was over. I remember sitting in class reading The Girl Who Played With Fire under my desk and my teacher constantly having to tell me that I needed to put it away, (yes, I became that kid). I was in a whole new world. I really don’t know what made me love it so much whether it was the heroine character of Lisbeth Salander or the action packed storyline but whatever it was, it had me hooked from the first sentence. I really don’t know but that is the beauty of it all to me. Learning to love reading made me only love writing that much more. I wanted to tell stories like Steig Larsson did. I wanted to excite people and get them lost in a world of their own.
Since finishing the books a few years ago, I have since then read a few more books although not a ton, but I now get excited when I read, especially if it is a good mystery. 
In conclusion, I think that I was able to love reading once I found a genre I loved. Knowing that there are millions of books with the potential to make me feel the way I once felt when reading the series is what keeps be curious to read more. And forgive me for my vague description for the way I felt when reading these books, but honestly, there are no words to describe it other than intense and amazing. Not only has it helped me want to read more but reading has helped me create my own voice and structure of storytelling. It has helped me understand the depths of a story and has helped me choose a genre that I aspire to write for which is Mystery. My only goal as a writer is to hopefully make at least one person feel the way I did when reading Steig Larsson’s books. I also hope that everyone can find pleasure in reading no matter what it may be.