If You Need A Quick Pick-Me-Up Over This Holiday Weekend Read This

This is a time when many get together with friends and family, and whether you observe this holiday from a religious perspective or see it as just a time where you can get together with people that you haven’t see in a long time and eat a delicious meal, let me just say Happy Easter!
Anyway, as I said, this is a time where you can get together with friends and family and for many that can be stressful whether it be because you don’t get along with the people that you see or whether it be because you simply don’t have enough time to cook everything, this can be a day that can cause many people to feel anxious. Well, whether you are anxious or stressed or none of the above, I encourage you to continue this article because there is something here that everyone can benefit from.
As I stated in a previous article, yoga has changed my life in many ways but it has helped me the most when it comes to coping and dealing with stress and anxiety. A lot of times stress can be treated by simply just taking a minute to breathe but many ignore this simple trick because many people talk themselves out of it by telling themselves that they just don’t have enough time. Well, as my yoga instructor Adriene says, “A Little Goes A Long Way.” 
So indulge me for a minute and just follow these steps to help you lower your stress level so that you can get back to your Easter Holiday and enjoy it to the fullest.

Step 1: Find A Place: It doesn’t matter where you are or what posture you are in but I recommend that you find a place where you can be alone for a few minutes to do this exercise.
Step 2: Position Your Fingers: Take your dominant hand and tuck in your three middle fingers into your palm so that your thumb and pinky are pointing out.
Step 3: Breathe: Cover your right nostril with your thumb and take one giant deep breath through your left nostril.
Step 4: Retain the Breath: Hold in the breath as you take your thumb off of your right nostril and cover your left nostril with your pinky finger.
Step 5: Switch: Let that retained breath out through your right nostril. Then with your pinky still covering your left nostril take a deep breath through your right nostril and hold it while you switch fingers back over to the right nostril.
Step 6: Exhale: Let it out through the left nostril.
When you get the hang of it close your eyes and alternate the breath. Once you have evened out your breath remove your hands and take one giant deep breath in through both nostrils and exhale out through the mouth. It is so important to just take a little time for yourself this holiday. And while everyone may have a different effect on this exercise, the effects will all be beneficial. For me personally, this exercise doesn’t take a lot of time and it helps me clear my head and helps me get my rhythm back through the power of the breath.
If my descriptions were hard to follow I will attach a video for you that will walk through the steps in depth and once you get the hang of this exercise it is great for you to do anywhere whenever you need a pick me up for your mind and body.



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