Why I Chose to Get Rid of All Social Media

Nowadays, social media can open up a lot of doors professionally and personally. It can help you find the one, or it can link you up with the company of your dreams. Not that I don’t doubt the benefits of social media, I just decided for various reasons to take a step back from it and as a result, I couldn’t be more happier.
Just a year ago I was like everyone else, consumed by my phone and computer, only communicating through Facebook with some people I hardly knew. And I understand that the idea of deleting social media seems insane and seems like social suicide, but in fact, it is not. When I decided to get rid of all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, that was the day I got my life back.

Why did I do this?
Being someone who has always been an advocate of living in the moment rather than living through a picture of it later, I found myself becoming more and more obsessed with what I posted rather than how I lived my life. It also took so much time and energy out of my day trying to keep up with it all.

Benefits of Not Having Social Media:
1. I finally have something to talk about: Before, when I would be out with friends there would be nothing to talk about because I would see it all on social media, and therefore there would be no reason to ask. Not having social media, I don’t know what my friends have been up to and therefore I ask and in return, it provides us with hours of conversation.
2. I am more active: I honestly don’t remember how I found the time to spend on social media because I am so busy doing things that are beneficial to me and making an impact on my life with the time that I have been given from not spending hours scrolling through social media.
3. I am able to focus on myself: A lot of times, social media can cause someone to feel as though they are missing out on life whether that be because they don’t have photos of them on vacation in the Bahamas or because they aren’t out partying like everyone else. Because of this, it can be detrimental to one’s state of mind, causing them to potentially become depressed or have anxiety. Eliminating this, however, can help you focus on yourself and create a life in which you are able to do all of that once the work is put in.

1. Self- Promotion: Since social media has such a huge impact on the way we communicate and promote ourselves, we don’t have the ability to promote ourselves or get in contact with people as easily. This is a drawback that I personally have experienced because I am trying to build up my audience which is why I have chosen to do it in the form of a blog but not being able to start out with followers that I would have had from social media makes it that much harder for me to take off. However, not having this advantage has only made me work harder to get to where I want to be.
2. The necessity for work: Sometimes social media is a must for our job whatever it may be so we don’t have the luxury to get away from it every once in a while. I have seen this drawback myself since I am a journalism major and writer for my college’s newspaper. Not having social media, I have not been able to promote my articles like everyone else and get the views that they have.

While I know that I will eventually have to get back on social media, due to my career path and other reasons, I am going to continue to hold out as long as possible. I enjoy the benefits that it has given me even if I there are a few drawbacks. And even when I do choose to get social media back, I will be more disciplined in how I use it.