The Hurricane world of .Net

As I sit here waiting for maybe the strongest storm ever to make landfall in Florida I decided to bring you this blog post to update you on the second to last week of the Iron Yard program. To be honest it was hard to focus on much this week outside of prepping for Irma. We were able to touch on both Validation and the creation of web API’s. Also on a side note on Friday we learned that Visual Studio for the Mac is not very good or easy to use at all. Unlike Visual Studio Code there was no easy scaffolding or even an embedded terminal in the IDE. So you can say I’m not a huge fan of the usage of this on the Mac.

One of the things I was most excited to learn before attending the Iron yard was about the use of API’s. We finally got to play around with them in .Net and while we didn’t do much with them due to the shortened week I look forward to applying it to my final project at the Iron Yard.

Now moving into the Authentication world. I am continually impressed with how powerful and easy to use .Net is. In a few simple command lines entries and constructed models. One can go from having a blank code editor to a full blown web app with a full authentication backing. Our project to have this form is taking the Todo List application we constructed earlier and giving the application users that can view different lists depending on who’s logged in. So this application will be posted once I learn how to use Docker.

I leave you all with the Node.js hangman app that I finally got posted over last weekend. This was the second to last project we worked on during the backend fundamental portion of the class. Here is the link: It was built using Express (body-parser, validator, and sessions) with Mustache. Hope somebody has some fun with it. That is about all I have updates on and again thanks for reading. Hope everyone stays safe during the storm.