Why I Want to Put Myself Out of Business
Gary Vaynerchuk

I loved the article, and appreciate the perspective, Gary. But I kept asking myself “how does he earn any money?”.

I remember hearing about WineLibrary a couple of years ago, and having a look at it. I assumed you earned money from merchandise and affiliate links — and that instead of putting it in people’s face all the time, people would gladly browse your site for things to buy once they had been (repeatedly) wowed by your helpful and amazing content.

So to verify, I visited WineLibrary just now. And I must admit, I was disappointed. The first thing I see (on mobile), is a giant wine advertisement, and if I scroll down 3 of 6 featured articles are about wines you have for sale in your online store.

I am not writing this to bash you, but only out of genuine curiosity. My question is: How does the current incarnation of WineLibrary fit in with your strategy to wow people with great content without trying to sell anything?

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