Newbie writers can relate to aging rhinos

I hear imagining a goal helps you achieve it. I have tried this before. Doing it feels like trying to visualize the future. I love being able to visualize a future and watch it come true. This is a great practice yet it can be hard to do or worse, can hinder you.

Case in point, I decided to start writing towards 1 million words only a few days ago. Between that first post and now there have been a grand total of 0 words written.

Each day I planned to write a little blurb. A paragraph or a few pages of interesting syntax. Visualizations of self produced literature were filling my head. None were clear though. Their lack of clarity was demotivating to say the least.

Then, fast forward a few days and all I’ve produced are fleeting memories of would-be stories. They aren’t very clear visualizations but what gives me hope is that at least I had them.

Without any action, no words appear on the page. With no words I will not be able to hone my focus. With no focus my vision will not become any clearer. Lack of action is the problem. I’ll admit, that is definitely a fault on my end.

There is a lesson learned here. Visualizations aren’t that clear at first, so write them down and make them clearer. My vision is akin to an aging Rhino’s eyesight, but that will get better with time. So I hope.

At this moment I had a small visualization, and it was a lucky one because it provided clarity. It was the simple idea that I need to write a lifestyle blog. A lifestyle blog helps identify a topic of interest. Additionally it develops style and a focused imagination.

First obstacle — I have no idea where to begin! I do not read any lifestyle blogs nor can I name any off the top of my head. I watched Casey Neistat’s Vlog when it was on, but that’s about the closest I got to a lifestyle series. Quick aside, yes I am a Neistat fanboy.

A simple Google search and a few clicks later I had my second moment of clarity. Look at that, already I’m building momentum!

This moment of clarity is due to Ryan Bozeman, of, who wrote an article on lifestyle blogs. He had me pegged at the first sentence:

So, you are considering starting a lifestyle blog, but aren’t exactly sure what steps you need to take?

I had two thoughts after reading this. The first, I love living in the future where I Google something and get fantastic results. The second, crap, this looks like good advice. It is definitely going to lead me down the rabbit hole on this writing challenge. The second sentence:

Lifestyle blogs are a popular choice for new bloggers because it allows you to pick and choose what you write about while focusing on subjects that you truly enjoy.

Yep, second thought was right. This guy has me pegged and I’ll follow his advice as a newbie writer. This will take up my time.

I recommend reading Ryan’s article. His advice for starting a lifestyle boils down to 5 steps:

  1. Choose a theme you like
  2. Get a good name
  3. Select a hosting space
  4. Adopt a blogging platform
  5. Follow other great bloggers

There is much to glean from this list, yet tonight I’m focusing on where I am, step one.

Between this post and last there is no theme with the exception that I am trying to write 1 million total words. Time to narrow it down to a theme. With that, you as the reader might know what you’re in for.

A lifestyle blog without a theme would be like walking into a Wal-Mart. There are many items but if you’re going for something specific you might want to try a specialty shop. A lifestyle blog with a theme is that specialty shop. I’m not trying to be Wal-Mart here. More like an In-and-Out. I do a few items and I do them well.

Choosing a personal interest theme makes blog writing more satisfying and less tasking. I’m a man of many interests. One week it is cooking, the next physics, shortly after biology, then writing. Imagine what a year of my interests would include!

While I would like to discuss each, it is more fitting if I focus on writing. It is the closest thing to a theme I have so far. My next step is to narrow that field down to something a little more niche.

With all that said and inked I have concocted a plan to work from. It involves 5 steps that will culminate with me identifying a theme for a writing blog. Here are my tasks in order:

  1. Pen a list of different styles of writing. This list will not be longer than 20 styles but no shorter than 10
  2. Investigate each and write a short 2–4 paragraph thought piece on each
  3. Identify the top 3 most interesting styles or topics discovered during steps 1 and 2
  4. Find samples of the most interesting topics listed
  5. Identify which sample (if any exist) I want to focus on

The goal is to identify a niche topic within writing that I find interesting.

This feels good. I have a plan. I may be at step 1 of starting a lifestyle blog, but I have built momentum. 10 or so short posts to go before I can start building a brand to my blog. Looking forward to it! Until next time.

Current word count: 1393