How I made Black Roses with Roofing Tar

I made these wicked looking black roses by dipping them in petroleum bitumen also known as roofing tar.

How I made Black Roses with Roofing Tar

First I bought a dozen roses from a local flower shop

On a cold winter morning, I took the flowers to ToughRoof flat roof repair job where I met Dave who was busy feeding two industrial size mobile tar boilers full of molten hot liquid bitumen.
The propane heated boilers are set to almost 500 degrees, and the black liquid steams in the cold air. The red rose purples in the fumes just seconds before being dunked in the bitumen bath.
The rose bubbles and sizzles as the mixture mummifies the object into a solid black masterpiece.

The rose sculpture drips black bitumen in long strings that are cut and melted soft with a cigarette lighter. The rose is malleable for a few minutes after the dipping and its possible to shape the object into a perfect black representation of the flower.

Petroleum dipped roses are beautiful to behold and solid , but i wouldnt put them in the window on a hot summer day.

If you want to give someone special in your life a black rose for Valentines Day just let me know on Twitter @Roberrific.