10 Success Tips From My $100M Friend Turned Homeless Man
Tim Denning

A generally inspiring story, but I have to say, it’s difficult for me to read things like “#6. Your family is all you have…your family is what truly matters. Even when my friend had nothing, he still had his family by his side that supported him and helped make him smile.

Well, I lost my wife to cancer last year, and I won’t be remarrying (I’m still in love with her, and will always be). We were child-free by choice, and I had a vasectomy 14 years ago. I come from a small family and most of them have already died, so other than a couple of distant siblings, “my family” is pretty well nonexistent.

If I were to take #6 as gospel, then what it would tell me is that I don’t, or can’t, have anything that “truly matters”. That’s a rather depressing thought. Yeah, I get why people say such things, as it’s intended to remind us that our relationships should carry a higher value to us than material things, but when stated in such absolutist terms, it’s a pretty harsh assertion to read. I wish people were sensitive to that.