Technology For The Coming Day. Future Assumptions As To Where Tech Is Headed

The world has changed drastically since the dawn of the personal computer. Technological advances have caught up with science fiction and continue to match our fantasies as the years the press on. So, what are the advances that will excite our imaginations in the upcoming future? Unfortunately, we may have to wait to find out. However, here are a few predictions as to what we can expect in the next few years.

The Internet of Things

The Internet has changed the way we gather information, interact with our world, and even the way we interact with one another. The Internet of things is likely to be even more prevalent in the future. When you are away from home you will still be able to control the environment, look in your refrigerator, check individual rooms, and even print pictures remotely, but your reach will be even greater. Imagine 3D printing dog food while you were away on business and being able to monitor your wardrobe to be color coordinated to your mood. The more connected we are the more functional we can make our world.


Humanity is more in control than it has ever been. Due to shear will power scientists have nearly closed the gap on being able to make replacement body parts. In the near future having a failing organ won’t be as fatal. Losing a limb will be less devastating to our lives. Soon scientists will be able to send robots into us via capsules, and genetically alter unborn children to make them less predisposed to illnesses. With dimensioning systems in place scientists can find minute measurements that are crucial to creating functional replacement parts to keep us going.


In the last 100 years the way human beings digested information and entertainment have drastically changed. From watching live entertainment, to reading, television, and now the Internet, people have become constantly connected yet perhaps a little less in the moment. With new technology being developed, how will we entertain ourselves in the future? Technologies such as virtual reality or holograms may potentially alter how we feel about the immersion of television and video games.

Eco-friendlier Materials

In the future materials may help us from destroying earth so quickly. Rather than using materials that are devastating to wildlife or the environment laboratories will have developed materials that either disintegrate or can be eaten by wildlife instead. The use of Nano-fabrics will mean clothing that is resilient to stains and dirt, which means it will need to be cleaned less, saving more water. Being that solar energy use is steadily on the rise the development of solar panels that are far more efficient is an obvious next step and is already being developed. The release of the Tesla has seen a lot of success and this is likely to continue. Vehicles that take fewer and fewer fossil fuels to function are likely to be on the rise. Reducing our eco footprint will help humanity to thrive rather than cave in on itself.

Technology is rapidly advancing and it may feel daunting to think of just how far we have already come. However, there are still a great deal of things to look forward to in the future. The globalization that technology has granted humanity has opened doorways unbeknownst mankind prior to the dawn of the Internet. The future is hopefully full of flying cars and ovens that materialize food from data in the cloud. However unfortunate it may be that the future is not quite here yet, the human race is not likely to make novelty of the most immense discovery in a matter of time. The first computer filled a large room, and now most people carry a computer ten times more powerful in one hand. Technology is racing forward. Do your best to keep up.