The Benefits Of A Mobile Spray Tan

There is no denying that almost everyone looks better when they have a little color. That’s why so many men and women think of a spray tan as the ultimate accessory. Spray tans may be applied by machine or technicians using a handheld device. They are offered in some spas and in tanning salons. While some people enjoy going to the salon and getting tanned, others find it a hassle. Scheduling an appointment during lunch and wearing loose, dark colored clothing when they return to work isn’t a viable option. This is especially true when they require several tanning sessions to maintain their tan. For some people, a mobile spray tan is a more feasible option.
Paying for Convenience

There are many types of services out there that offer a luxury or convenience that people are willing to pay a little more for. The overall advantages are worth the additional price. This is frequently the case for people who choose to get a mobile spray tan. Scheduling an appointment at home or at the office eliminates the hassle of going back and forth. Tamar Vezirian, founder and owner of Gotham Glow, explains that their technicians are highly trained and they can leave you with glowing color in under 15 minutes. 

Long gone are the days when only the hairdresser knew who colored their hair and who didn’t. Today, hair color has become a form of expression and a versatile fashion accessory. More people are also using tanning as a means to improve their looks and make them look more vital and healthy. There is also a fair share of those who don’t want to share the secret to their youthful glow. The ultimate fake tan is one that no one knows you are wearing. If you prefer to keep your salon tanning secret, a mobile spray tan is the perfect solution. You can have your tan applied in the convenience and privacy of your home and no one will be the wiser!

Have a Tanning Party!

There are numerous occasions that call for group tanning including weddings, posing for work calendars, and fashion shows. Some brides offer their wedding party a custom tan in preparation for their big day. It’s a great way to say “thank you” for being a part of my wedding while helping them look their best when the big day rolls around. A mobile spray tan allows you to turn a luxurious treat into a real party that will be lots of fun for all. Simply make tanning a part of the festivities and it will be a unique gift that everyone will appreciate.

You can expect to get the same services and quality results from a mobile spray tan that you would get in the salon. While some salons use machines to apply tanning solution, those that have skilled technicians with mobile spray guns can bring the salon to you. They can also offer you more customized services that will result in your ultimate tan.

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