The wonders of man!

It’s fascinating what man can invent and make

So amazing your breathe it will take

Look at the crane stretching to lift up high

Rockets to outer space and planes that sore through the sky

What about trains traveling many miles of track

A single engine with tons of weight upon its back

Metal crossing the ocean surface that floats and glide

Shipping people and cargo to the other side

Computer was a dream but now surreal

Technology simplified communication and how we live

City building with many floors reaching tall

Housing thousands of people within its walls

Scientist finding miracle cures while fighting disease

Searching rain forest and beneath the seas

Doctors with ability to far inside of you reach

While with skype around the world a class they teach

Man have worked wonders with abilities that will not cease

Yet! He fail to create, nor achieve worldwide peace!

By: Robert F. Roberts

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