The Battered One

I can make you into a winner if you execute my plan
But your aim is to send me far away if you can

You strike me, abuse me, then you will stand and grin
Sometimes it’s the water that you knock me in

You trap me in the sand, then in it you rub my face
Sometimes it’s the thicket you make my landing place

With wood you strike me, then use iron
If I hide from you, you’ll pounce upon me like a lion

You may knock me crazily while trying to drive me to the cup
If I take the cup or keep on rolling you won’t give up

It all started with tee, then I found myself rolling around
Because you took a club and knocked me hard to the ground

You knock me around day in and day out
Because to you, making that green is what it’s all about

You keep abusing me, hitting me, trying to drive me very far
Just to be a winner by getting an eagle, a birdie or even a par

I have made winners out of some, but not all
By being a beaten and battered golf ball.