Job Readiness — Day 1

Summer, for some it is a time for relaxation, but for many young students that are members and descendants of the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe, it’s time to WORK! See, for these kids, it’s not enough to just be the best in the classroom or the basketball court, the softball field or the gridiron. These kids want to be the best in the regional meetings, board rooms, and for at least one the International Space Station.

This summer we have seen some heavy investments in the Fort Mojave youth and their programs due to the true belief that the youth are our future. One of the programs instrumental to their success is the WIA/One-Stop Annual Job Readiness Program. This program helps guide both newly-of-age youth and work program veterans through comprehensive workshops, exercises, and presentations to prepare them to become a part of the workforce. The Job Readiness program consists of 3 days of engaging activities. Each day the youth are able to learn about different topics ranging from Human Resources policies and procedures, paperwork, and payroll to workplace nutrition, ethics, interviewing, and social media.

Today was Day 1 of the Job Readiness Program, held at the Avi Resort & Casino. On the menu today:

A stellar presentation by the Human Resources Department of the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe. I would like to thank both Tori Andrews for coming out and helping our youth understand the importance of the HR industry and the Human Resource staff for having this information available to our participants and youth. The information that was presented today is definitely crucial to the success of our youth when it comes to even initially getting started in any field.

I was happy to present the next topic to the youth which was Interview Preparation. Who would think that one of the most detrimental questions in an interview could be the first question “What can you tell me about yourself?”. There were many subjects covered throughout the hour-long presentation, however, the overall message was based on the premise of “Back2Basics.” We tackled issues such as what to wear, what not to wear. We discussed topics such as strengths and weaknesses, researching companies online, and planning the day around the interviews. The kids were extremely excited when their peers such as Hannah Juarez would share a little information about themselves and even so when student Marcus Miller gave his improvisation of his dream career, a police officer.

Both our first and our last presenter of the day was our very own Adult Case Manager Jessica Mills who did an excellent job both in her presentation and with her engagement of the youth. First she tackled the importance of the Master Application. Then she artfully explained the significance behind having a resume with both great format and presentation. Jessica was able to engage the youth with games helping them retain the knowledge of both the resume information and the master application information. She made it fun, and even brought in examples of applications featuring some of our modern music stars.

Overall, Day 1 was a mission success and we look forward to hosting Day 2 tomorrow June 7, 2016 at the Avi Resort & Casino.