Everything You Love Will Die
John Gorman

This is why it’s funny when piano falls on someone’s head.

You worry about the big stuff. Serious stuff like: am I saving enough, do I care enough, do I work hard enough, am I in the right firm, am I dating right person and befriending right people? Should I move to…


And what is the very last thing you said to your loved ones?

I like how you made me happy with music I haven’t heard before and sad because I realised I will probably never hear the best album ever made for me.

Is this why we fake our emotions and stay with wrong people? Because it is easier then dealing with the fact there is right person for you unreachable, unnoticed, dating some random else.

I guess njoying the sandwich is enjoying the search.

Wandering is hard because it comes with the threat of lonely death. Sea of memories with no harbour.

And yet, I always give away my cds and books. And here I am, just moved to new city. I don’t know where I am going but I am enjoying every step getting there.

I am sure music taught me that.

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