#TwitterSmarter on Twitter

Recently this week, I participated in the #TwitterSmarter chat with fellow social media colleagues. There were a lot of bright ideas bouncing around the walls of the so-called “Twitter-verse”.

I, myself, threw a couple tweets out there talking about basic necessities needed in order to create a esteemed presence on Twitter.

First, I wrote, “Always remember to put your audience in the same shoes that you’re standing in.” I’ve always believed that the customer is always right, and I wanted Twitter to know that, too. Your audience can define you. If you relate to them well, you will be received in a better light.

Later, I came across a tweet by FreshSparks that read, “Demonstrating empathy in your customer service responses goes a long way. It’s the difference between keeping & losing a customer.” This really resonated with me, so I retweeted it. Empathy cannot be taken for granted in today’s day and age. This goes along with my thoughts on the customer always being right. If you want to keep your audience, make sure you empathize with them.

I tweeted a few more times throughout the #TwitterSmarter chat.

“Canva makes you #TwitterSmarter / it’s easy to see the beauty in a well-designed social media presence,” I tweeted about half-way through the session. I love Canva. It’s easy, beautiful, and intuitive. I ended up making a photo with a quote that I tweeted out for this #TwitterSmarter chat. Check it out below:

Photo-quote used for my #TwitterSmarter chat.

Along with that, I tweeted out a few more thoughts. I wrote, “Utilize new and exciting hashtags. Create your own that get to the point,” to show people the importance of remaining brief and interesting. Lastly, I said, “Connect multiple worlds and businesses, find what people are interested in.” This was the quote I found to be the most relatable, which is why I used it for my photo-quote.

As I dug deeper into the discussion, I found out that the whole operation was spear-headed by Madalyn Sklar, a social media guru from Houston, Texas. Sklar offered her advice in great detail with suggestions like using Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule tweets and making sure that you tweet at least 3 times per day.

The session wrapped up nicely with a lot of different replies to varying thoughts on social media practices.

I encourage you to join us next Thursday at 1 p.m. ET so that you can learn how to #TwitterSmarter.

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